Terms and Conditions


Each Depression Fix course is sold on a subscription basis, as stipulated on the course description page of each Depression Fix course. The subscription time (or ‘enrolment period’) commences on the day of notification to the member of their Username and Password. Username and Password notification will be via email to the address provided by the member on the Enrolment Form when payment is received by The Depression Fix.

Under NO circumstances, are members to share access to any of theThe Depression Fix. Members must enrol and pay individually. Management reserves the right to cancel enrolments if we find that these terms and conditions have been breached in any way and certificates will not be issued.

Members are responsible for their own computer technology and Internet service.


By registering withThe Depression Fix, you agree to receive email communications from us. These emails can include but are not limited to newsletters, notifications and automatic system emails.

You have the right to unsubscribe to any of the emails by clicking the unsubscribe link included in each of our emails.


The Depression Fix occasionally advertise Coupon codes to enable discount prices on course enrolments. It is the responsibility of the member to use the coupon code correctly during enrolment.The Depression Fix will not provide retrospective refunds once an enrolment is completed due to the non-entry of a valid coupon code. Promotional Coupon Codes are to be used within the specified timeframe and only for the specified courses.


The Depression Fix makes a discretionary guarantee that if members do not feel they are getting value for money at any time, a full non-quibble refund will be made.  This does not include individuals who are not giving the course due diligence and not following the course.  In the cases where individuals or members have stopped actively following the course, determined by a minimum period of two weeks of not submitting the weekly exercises.  In this case members are able to cancel their Paypal subscription from within their own Paypal account and make no further payments, but they will not be refunded for payments already made.

Retrospective refunds will be provided if the member has completed the twelve week course, followed the instructions, completed the exercises and acted on therapist feedback but does not feel significantly better.  ‘Significantly is defined as 10 points or more on the MADRS assessment.  If a member has not logged into the course or has not been active on their course, has not worked with the therapist to resolve issues or has not successfully completed the exercises, the member will be deemed to have lost interest and if that member subsequently requests a refunds, the member will not be entitled to a refund in these circumstances.

Claims for refunds will be processed only up to fifteen weeks after the joining date, the ‘refund period’.  Once the refund period of each individual course has lapsed, no refund will be given.

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