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Book 1 – Living With Depression is garbage

Book 2 – Climbing Out Of The Cloud

Book 3 – Living On Cloud 9

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Book 1 – Living with Depression is Garbage

It’s Time to Redress The Balance

You do NOT have to live with depression.

Learn the easiest, quickest and most effective way to get the real ‘you’ back again

Living with depression is the first book in the eGuide Series ‘Depression’.  It is a comprehensive eBook and audio book that explains the real cause of depression, what has gone wrong and why – the clinical truth. It show you the easy way to lift depression and help you subconsciously retrain your mind so you can get ‘unstuck’ from the persistent intrusive negative thought patterns

  • Learn how depression develops and why you have it
  • Read what credible medical organisations say about curing depression
  • Understand the scientific biological facts about depression that will give you hope and show you how you can cure yourself
  • Learn why it’s an ancient primitive part of your brain that’s responsible for depression and how you influence it.
  • Understand why it is you feel compelled to ‘withdraw’ from people and the world around you
  • Discover why the more you sleep the more exhausted you feel.
  • Learn about your ‘Default Mode Network’ and why humans are prone to depression
  • Discover how screwed up thinking is influencing the depression and how you can change it
  • Understand why the relapse rate for depression is so high and how you can avoid falling into that trap.
  • Hear from experts that 80-90% of people are cured
  • Hear my story and how depression caused me to ‘shut down’ and what i did about it.


Book 2 – Climbing Out of the Cloud

It’s Time to Learn The Easy Way to Rid Yourself of Depression

It’s Time to Climb Out From Under That Black Cloud

Learn the easiest, quickest and most effective way to get the real ‘you’ back again

A comprehensive eBook and 2+ hr audio book that:-

  • Uncovers the scientific biological secrets to curing depression
  • Reveals why ‘fighting depression’ is totally the wrong strategy
  • Teaches you new strategies you haven’t tried yet that DO work.

What Will You Learn?

  • You are going to STOP fighting your depression and understand exactly why that’s a losing strategy.
  • You’re going to turn around, walk away from depression and towards happiness – it’s in the opposite direction
  • You’re going to discover exactly what every depressed person does wrong and learn what to do instead
  • You’re going to learn the enjoyable route out of depression that anyone can do,
  • Open your mind to the truth about what is really making you depressed
  • You’re going to own your happiness.
  • You will learn exactly what you have to do to create happiness any time you want.
  • Discover how our primal blueprint relates to and is affecting your happiness and depression.
  • Discover the 10 logical steps to climbing out of depression
  • Get 6 effortless practical exercises and daily practices you can start immediately
  • Hear what one ordinary guy who pulled himself out of depression single handed has to say about it.


Book 3 – Living on Cloud 9

It’s time to understand how to cure yourself of depression forever

and never relapse again

The third book in the eGuide series ‘Depression’ Living On Cloud 9 reveals the secrets to living ‘happy’

It demonstrates you why you need to emulate our original lifestyle blueprint and explains how modern living and our blueprint conflict leading to illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

It teaches you how you can respect your blueprint whilst taking full advantage of modern conveniences and lifestyle
Guides you through specific strategies for changing, tweaking and adjusting your life so you are naturally happy
Shows you how to never fall back into depression again.

Advance strategies demonstrate how you can use the power of your mind to engineer your life to be exactly has you want it to be.

What You Will Learn

  • You will discover what is going wrong and why you keep getting depression
  • You will learn how to recognise the signs you need to do something BEFORE it becomes a problem and turns into depression
  • You will know exactly what you need to bounce yourself straight out of the downhill spiral
  • You will clearly understand why and how you are in control of depression and of staying out of it
  • You will build into your life safeguards so you never relapse
  • You will learn the steps to reprogramming your subconscious
  • You get a step by step guide of how to programme your subconscious to engineer the life you really want
  • This book will not only prevent you from relapsing into depression it will change your future for the better.

This eBook is for people who have already understand the truth about why they have depression from Living with Depression is Rubbish and accepted responsibility for learning the steps for getting out it in Climbing out of the Cloud.

If you are in the middle of depression right now, this book is too advanced, you need to start at Book 1


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