The Easy Way To Beat Depression Quickly

The Depression Fix is a new kind of integrated programme that makes it easy for anyone with mild or moderate depression to have a happy, normal life, even if you’ve had depression for ten years or more.

The Depression Fix is revolutionary, it's unique and quite simply, it works.

Easy to follow

In easy manageable steps the course teaches you exactly how to go from feeling like 'what's the point?', hating yourself and your life to feeling better, thinking differently and becoming calmer and happier even if you are struggling with motivation or have no energy.

Scientifically Proven

The Depression Fix is a fusion of the best clinically proven evidence based techniques used in the therapy room to cure depression quickly.  All the clinical trials of the course have shown beyond doubt that the Depression Fix does help depression.

Therapist Support

Emma will support you every step of the way.  She is a highly qualified, experienced depression therapist and will give you feedback, encourage and motivate you and provide you with extra help whenever you need it through the secure messaging system,.

Watch my video

Suffering from depression is a vicious cycle

Depression is an illness that seems to have the purpose of keeping you depressed.  The symptoms of depression lead to depression, the feelings of worthlessness, self hate, hopelessness and feeling as if your not good enough are the very things that cause you to give up,  deciding instead to live with it.

It can seem as if depression has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember, you may have lost friends and family and it robs you of who you really are, you become the illness.  You feel alone as you slowly withdraw from life, unable to make decisions, your mind is in turmoil, you can't get to sleep - and then you sleep too much.

Your life becomes a constant flat feeling, sad and empty, you have no enjoyment in anything and feel guilty for everything, the sadness is just there all the time .....

But depression is a liar!

You do not have to live it with

You can overcome depression easily and permanently

You can get your real self and your life back

You are worth it

The Depression Fix works effectively in helping depression because it is not limited to just one method or technique.

Depression is a multidimensional illness that requires a multidimensional approach to solving it.

The Depression Fix simultaneously teaches you what has gone wrong and what you can do to fix it whilst the self hypnosis tracks and exercises are subconsciously encouraging your brain to reorganise its neural networks, even when you're asleep at night.  Finally, the Depression Fix is unique in that it also addresses the biological, physical and environmental conditions that are causing or exacerbating your symptoms, no other course or solution touches these very real external influences.

The Depression Fix doesn't just 'tell' you what to do, it teaches you step by step practical skills you can easily incorporate into your life to quickly change how you feel.

Have a look at the people from the first video just 12 weeks later talking about how they feel and how the course has helped them after completing The Depression Fix program.

Course Curriculum

The course is split into three modules which contain four weekly units.

Week 1 - Welcome to Depression Brain

After an introduction to the course and a tour of the site, you starts with an assessment to register your current level of depression as the starting point for your journey back to heath. You then get straight into the first  week's content which explains how depression develops and introduces you to the concept of the intellection brain and primitive brain - aka 'depression brain'.  The first exercise asks you to imagine how you would like your life to be without depression which starts creating awareness of your subconscious thought patterns.

Week 2 - Step by Step

Week 2 builds on your knowledge of how depression develops by getting to grips what needs to happen for depression brain to relax its control over your life. You will also learn more about the influence you have on the neurotransmitters and hormones in your body and mind that affect your moods, energy and motivation. Finally you will understand exactly what anti-depressants do and how to benefit from them effectively.

Week 3 - Outsmarting Depression

Week 3 explains why you need to stop fighting depression. Although it seems counterintuitive, fighting depression becomes counterproductive and keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle. You will learn tools and strategies that outsmart depression instead of directly fighting it and you will begin to understand why fighting depression is not only exhausting, it's also having a negative effect.

Week 4 - It's all about the chemicals

In week 4 the course get deeper into the chemical makeup of humans focusing on what's missing when you have depression and what there is too much of when you have anxiety. Every action and thought has an influence on the hormones and neurotransmitters you produce, so it is important to learn how you are causing an imbalance and what you need to do to rebalance yourself.

Week 5 - Top 10 causes of depression

Week 5 kicks off Module 2 which examines the known causes of depression, how these might be affecting you and, most importantly, what you can change or do to reduce or eliminate them from your life. Week 5 focuses specifically on new research which is gaining ground scientifically suggesting depression could be an allergic reaction.

Week 6 - Evolutionary Depression

In week 6 you will learn how your primitive ancestors lived and compare that with a modern western lifestyle to understand how people are evolving into depression. With some tweaks and lifestyle adjustments everyone can learn to emulate elements of the primitive way of life and fuse them with modern lifestyles to maintain a healthy and balanced life vital for a healthy brain.

Week 7 - Is modern life making us sick?

Week 7 continues with modern life by focusing on how technology is influencing mental health. There is no doubt that the rapid developments in technology have enhanced lives in many ways, but is it a double edged sword? Week 7 explains how the subconscious is affected by unfiltered input from the world around us and helps you to resurrect healthy boundaries.

Week 8 - Is depression inherited?

In Week 8 you will understand the truth about the hereditary factor of depression. You will learn exactly how families are effected by depression and gain the tools to halt the tide for future generations, but perhaps most importantly you will understand that you can and must let go of the guilt of depression because hanging onto the guilt is adding to the depression.

Week 9 - People and personality types.

Week 9 kicks off Module 2 with 'People and Personality Types'. You will be exposed to the reality that everyone is different and that no one can read anyone else’s mind, but imagining what other people think in a negative way causes yourself emotional pain. You will then go on to look at the different personality types and how people interact with each other according to personality type. You will discover your own personality type and  that of the problem people in your life, learning strategies of how to deal with them more effectively so they can no longer cause you upset, anxiety and stress.

Week 10 - Focus, balance and change.

In Week 10 you discover the importance of focusing your mind on the positive things in life and the detrimental effect focusing on your problems has on your mental health. You will also do an exercise to discover how balanced your life currently is, what life balance actually means and how to put it right.   You will learn how  emotional or physical pain shows up in your life when something needs to change and you will hear case studies from past clients about how making big or even just the smallest of change had a powerful positive beneficial impact.

Week 11 - Basic Human Needs

In Week 11 you learn about basic human needs using theories from the Human Givens. Often problems occur because these needs are not met, as life circumstances change so must we adapt and change to readdress these needs which are essential to being mentally healthy. Understanding these needs will help you to identify the areas of their life that might need development.

Week 12 - Preventative maintenance.

The final week of the course starts with an exercise in goal setting and a positive look forwards to how you want you future to be before wrapping up with a self reflection on how your are going to avoid falling into the depression relapse cycle instead staying happy and healthy into the future. The depression cycle can be easily broken with practice and adopting a mentally healthy lifestyle and the new self awareness gained over the twelve week course.

What do you get with the course?

1 Year Access to the full course

Recommended Reading List

Your own support therapist

Video Resources

5 Self Hypnosis Audio Tracks

Weekly exercises

 Guided Mindful Meditation Track

Secure messaging system

Frequently Asked Question

What if it doesn't work?

When you have depression it is normal to be sceptical (not just when you have depression sometimes).  Many people before coming into this program feel they’ve ‘tried everything and nothing works’ – that is the depression brain talking.  But the hard clinical evidence shows statistically beyond doubt that The Depression Fix does work if you follow the course.  Those are not just words, it is backed up by a full no quibble money back guarantee.  If you complete the course and you don’t feel significantly better, just like everyone else who’s done it, we will refund you every dime.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

How much time will it take?

It takes just an hour a week to watch the videos and complete the exercises that are going to help you out of depression, no more than that.  We suggest you treat it just as if you were going to a clinic to see your therapist and set aside the same day and time each week, but that can be at your convenience, even if that is at 2am!  An hour a week for twelve week – a total of twelve hours to be depression free, that’s worth it isn’t it?

How can you be so confident it will work?

Because it has helped every single person who has complete the course without exception.  The graph opposite shows the reduction of depression in participants who completed the course compared the control group who did not take the course and got worse over the same period.  If you complete the course we will GUARANTEE you will feel better and if you don’t get similar or better results to our latest trial group we will give you your money back, no quibble, no questions.

What if I can't do it?

Depression has encouraged you to be hard on yourself and on top of that you probably have very little motivation and no energy.  The course starts super easily, all you have to do is watch a video and then listen to an audio.  Over the weeks you will notice your energy and motivation increasing with every step so the course becomes a source of energy, easy and enjoyable.

What if I can't afford it

The typical thought patters of depression brain are to focus on what you can’t do.  With the depression fix you can get started for just $1 and then you can even pay the rest by easy monthly instalments.  The twelve week course costs the equivalent of just $22 per week, compare that to seeing a therapist at $100 to $150 per week, a fraction of the cost but it addresses far more than seeing a therapist alone would and, in addition to that, Emma Triplett, HPD DHP MNCH(Reg) AfSFH, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and is a specialist in depression therapy will hold your hand and support you through the course and for up to a year.

What is having depression costing you right now, how much is it holding you back from fulfilling your potential and how much is it worth to you to be free of depression for ever?  If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back.

Why will this work when everything else has failed?

The reason The Depression Fix works so effectively in helping depression is because it is not limited to just one method or technique.  Depression is a multidimensional illness but most therapies or courses take a singular approach.  The Depression Fix is a multidimensional solution simultaneously helping you to learn what’s gone wrong and what you can do to fix it whilst the self hypnosis tracks and exercises are subconsciously encouraging your brain to reorganise the neural networks, even when you’re asleep at night.  In addition, the Depression Fix is unique in that it also addresses the biological, physical and environmental conditions that are causing or exacerbating your depression, no other course or solution touches these very real external influences.


These people have completed the course and this is what they say

The most important thing I've learnt this month is that everything is going to be OK.

After 4 weeks

I know it's not going to be with me forever, in fact I feel like it's really lifting already.

After 8 weeks

Can I just say 'thank you'.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The question was 'Has this helped with my depression?'.  Oh yes, without a shadow of a doubt.  Everyone has noticed a difference, I just feel happy, enthusiastic and I feel as if I want to crack on with stuff. Thank you.

At the end of the course

I'm more content and my anxiety has lessened which is fantastic and a real step forwards for me.  Things are going really well, I'm pleasantly surprised.  I thought before that maybe this wouldn't work for me, but things are good.

After 4 weeks

So much has happened over the last twelve weeks.  I've had depression for around ten years and I thought there was nothing that could really help me.  I've tried lots of other approaches but I'm pleased to say that this has been the absolute most successful for me

After completing the course

To reiterate, you get

Membership to the Depression Fix twelve week course

Emma Triplett, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and depression specialist to guide you and hold your hand throughout the course and beyond.

Video Tutorials

Weekly Exercises

5 Hypnosis/Guided Relaxation audios

Guided Mindful Meditation audio

Additional Video resources

Recommended Reading List

Secure messaging system with your therapist

Further Forty Weeks Free access to the course and your therapist

Full money back guarantee

How to get started for just $1 today

  1. Click on the ‘Join Now’ link below,

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Work through your first week’s tutorials and exercises and download the hypnosis track.

Listen to the hypnosis track every night for seven nights as you fall asleep.

If you decide it’s not a breath of fresh air and you’re not completely convinced, you can cancel your subscription and pay no more.

If you decide you do want OUT of depression, carry on with the course for the full twelve weeks, pay with easy monthly instalments and work through the tutorials and exercises with the support of Emma, your personal depression therapist.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Get started today for $1

Try the first week, if you’re not convinced by what happens that first week, then you pay no more. If you decided to go ahead, take the course and fix your depression, you pay.

3 easy instalments of $97

You can cancel anytime with no penalties and if you finish the course and don’t feel significantly better you will get a full refund.

(That’s just $22 per week to beat depression for twelve weeks and then a further FORTY weeks of access to the course and your therapist absolutely FREE)

Follow the instructions for the first week and listen to the relaxation track every day

Then if you like what you see and how you feel, carry on and complete the twelve week course for just

3 easy monthly payments of $97

and get a further FORTY weeks to access the course and therapy FREE

What happens next?

1.     Complete the form above and click ‘Join Now’

2.     Complete the $1 payment

3.     Start the course

Each week you will be sent an email to let you know the next week is now available for you to access.

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